2017 Comfort One Another Posts & A FREE Gift to you for Subscribing!

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”

Proverbs 16:9

One year ago today I published my very first post at www.comfortoneanother.com. This blog was initiated by me, not as a way to proselytize anyone to any specific religion or church, but rather to acquaint as many as possible with what the Word of God, the Holy Bible, says regarding the soon coming End Times and the return of Jesus Christ. I am humbled and very appreciative of the support I have seen from both subscribers (who automatically get my posts via email) and the thousands who read and share my postings on Facebook and LinkedIn. Many have told me they forward my emails to others and many share it with their church small groups and Sunday Bible school.

I have also learned that simply by also posting on these social media sites DOES NOT mean they automatically go to all my contacts on LinkedIn and/or Facebook. Rather, algorithms are established that may or may not send them out to all. Friends and family have told me repeatedly they do not see all the postings but if they subscribe they DO automatically receive via email every time I publish a new post. Finally, knowing for you to find a post from only 6 months ago can be difficult, I have decided to list ALL posts below with links to them as a reference guide for all that may be interested in finding a specific topic from these past 12 months. In the order they appeared from January 1, 2017 to today they are:

  1. The Rapture – God’s Promise
  2. Christian Persecution
  3. Time Line for the Final Days
  4. The War of Gog and Magog
  5. The 9th of Av -History or Prophecy?
  6. The Mark of the Beast
  7. Divide Israel for Peace? – Won’t Happen!
  8. The War of Psalm 83
  9. Numbers & Prophecy – God’s Perfect System
  10. Whose Messiah will save the world?
  11. Fake News Started in the Garden of Eden
  12. 3rd Time’s the Charm! – Rebuilding the Jewish Temple
  13. The Fools Among Us!
  14. $1 Bill and Biblical Prophecy
  15. BREAKING NEWS – the Anti-Christ is ID’d!!
  16. And, you thought Satan and the anti-christ were bad…
  17. Which generation will witness the Last Days? Millennials, Gen X’ers, Baby Boomers, etc.?
  18. Current Events Leading to the Israeli Peace Agreement and End Time Horrors
  19. The GREATEST Day in Human History!
  20. Satan ain’t all that smart!
  21. Political Correctness and Bible Prophecy
  22. God’s “Red Line” in Syria
  23. Wanna bet on the accuracy of Bible Prophecy??
  24. Happy Birthday Israel!!
  25. DON’T set times or dates, but watch the Heavens!
  26. Where the hell is America in Biblical Prophecy?
  27. “Climate change” – Man-made or punishment from God?
  28. The ONE Prophecy that HAD to happen (and now HAS) before the Last Days arrive!!!
  29. Seven is the Number of God’s Perfectness does not mean it’s always GOOD!
  30. What in the world are we waiting for???
  31. The LAST Rodeo – the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  32. The Tree of Life is still ALIVE!!
  33. REMINDER – The 9th of Av 2017 Starts Monday!!
  34. Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream & Today’s World
  35. God’s End Times Zoo – the Lion, Eagle, Bear, Leopard and one UGLY beast!
  36. Look Up & Watch!!! God is talking to YOU!
  37. A 20 minute video that may change your life FOREVER!!!
  38. God’s 490 year binding contract that’s almost over!
  39. The Holy Bible in Cliff Notes…
  40. VIDEO – Govt. Demands Church Removes Cross and Bibles
  41. How many days are left in a 40 day period to ask God for redemption?
  42. Don’t condemn, but DO NOT condone either!
  43. Which Church does Jesus say is the BEST?
  44. How Abraham caused ALL of today’s problems in the Mid-East!
  45. Jesus’s BEST warning to all of us today!!!
  46. What is the United Nations Role in Biblical Prophecy?
  47. The End Times happened before! Will it happen again?
  48. What is Aliyah and what is its importance in Biblical End Times?
  49. It is SO obvious! Why don’t we all see it?
  50. Is Turkey the REAL threat today to Israel?
  51. Prophecies in the Book of Psalms? Really???
  52. Bitcoin and Biblical End Times Prophecies
  53. BREAKING NEWS! – Jerusalem IS the Capital of Israel!
  54. What happens AFTER Armageddon?
  55. God’s BEST All-Time Gift to us this Christmas!
  56. Where’s the line to see Jesus?

I have received so many positive comments, the Lord willing, I WILL continue to write and publish my posts in 2018. I also plan to self publish a book with these 2017 posts and will send it for FREE to ALL subscribers as a very small token of my appreciation for you following Comfort One Another. I DO believe the day is soon coming when political correctness and Christian persecution will ban these kind of sites from social media and I would like to get the 2017 posts to you in a physical book for future reference. As the Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:12, “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” I am currently working with a publishing company to print for me and sometime in early to mid-February I hope to send to you. I only ask, if you have not already done so, that on the front page of www.comfortoneanother.com you subscribe. You will almost immediately receive a follow up email from Word Press (my software provider) verifying you did subscribe. This eliminates spam you might otherwise receive. Tell your friends to subscribe!! I will be sending out an email to all subscribers in early February from my personal email asking for a shipping address where I can send your book. Remember, it is FREE. I only ask that you use it to “…therefore comfort one another with these words.”

Again, may God Bless you! I hope you have a GREAT 2018 and, perhaps this is the year when we meet up with Christ in the clouds at the Rapture.

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