With many conversations I have had concerning what the Bible tells us about prophecy and the End Times, I have been asked by some where did I learn about all of this. I decided to list below the books that I have read over the past 40 years that have built and strengthened my belief that we are now in those days prophesied in the Bible for over 2,000 years.

First and foremost, I am not endorsing any single book, other than the Holy Bible, to be the source of irrefutable evidence of the accuracies of Jesus and the Prophets. With that said, there are many authors and books that do illuminate what the Bible says will happen and brings it into a modern day, more easily understood context. Others I have read are not accurate and do not agree with what the Bible says. For example, the book I cite in this blog’s Introduction written in 1866 has proven to be totally false. But, it has been proven to be false solely based on the Biblical prophecy that the Jews WOULD return to Israel in the last days, a belief that was viewed as absurd and impossible back in 1866 when that book was written. But obviously it is no longer a valid argument after 1948 when Israel declared their independence! Some books by Joel Rosenberg and Tim LaHaye are fictional but based on Biblical prophecies and make for an amazing and exciting read!

Most interesting to me is that many of these books proclaim things to come like the rise of Russia and Iran and their invasion of Israel in the last days (Ezekiel 38 & 39, which IS NOT Armageddon) at a time when the two countries were enemies of each other, and in fact Iran under the Shah up until 1979 actually had good relationships with Israel. Current news headlines lead us to believe THAT time is not far away! More on that in a future blog. I will continue to update this list as my studies continue.

The Holy Bibles I study, will be quoting and their related reference guides are::

  • NIV Study Bible
  • NASB Study Bible
  • Holy Bible, KJV
  • Holy Bible, RSV
  • Prophecy Study Bible, KJV:
  • Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
  • The New Unger’s Bible Handbook

The books read that have helped to enlighten me in what is yet to come are as follows:

Abraham, Abram KennethPromises of the MessiahBarbour Publishing1987
Adams, MoodyThe Phantom’s Dark ForceThe Olive Press1999
Alcorn, RandyHeaven Tyndale House Publishing2004
Alexander, Dr. EbenProof of HeavenSimon & Schuster2012
Angley, Ernest W.Raptured, A NovelWinston Press1950
Aslan, RezaZealot, the Life and Times of Jesus of NazarethRandom House2013
Baigent, MichaelRacing Towards ArmageddonHarperOne, div. of HarperCollins Publishers2009
Ballen, KenTerrorists in LoveFree Press2011
Barbet, Dr. PierreA Doctor at CalvaryImage Books, Div. of Doubleday1963
Batra, Dr. RaviThe Great Depression of 1990Simon & Schuster1987
Baxter, Rev. M.40 Wonders of Scripture ProphecyThe Prophetic News1866
Becker, JudyThe Missing Message of RevelationThe Landmark Church1974
Beechick, AllenThe Pre-Tribulation RaptureAccent Books1980
Bell, James StuartAngles, Miracles and Heavenly EncountersBethany House Publishers2012
Bernis, JonathonA Rabbi Looks at the Last DaysChosen Books2013
Black, Captain DaleFlight to HeavenBethany House Publishers2010
Bloomfield, Arthur E.Before the Last Battle – ArmageddonDimension Books1971
Boyd, MalcolmHuman Like Me, JesusSimon & Schuster1971
Breedlove, AllyWhen Will the Heaven Begin?New American Library2013
Briner, BobThe Management Methods of JesusThomas Nelson1996
Buksbazen, VictorThe Prophet IsiahThe Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc.2008
Burpo, ToddHeaven is For RealThomas Nelson2010
Cahn, JonathonThe Book of MysteriesFront Line2016
Cahn, JonathonThe HarbingerFront Line2011
Cahn, JonathonThe Harbinger Companion with Study GuideFront Line2013
Cahn, JonathonThe Mystery of the ShemitahFront Line2014
Cheetham, ErikaThe Final Prophecies of NostradamusA Perigee Book1989
Church, J.R.The Armageddon SyndromeProphecy in the News1985
Church, J.R.Hidden Prophecies in the PsalmsProphecy Publications1986
Church, J.R.Hidden Prophecies in the Song of MosesProphecy Publications1991
Church, J.R.Guardians of the GrailProphecy Publications1989
Cohen, Dr. Gary G.Revelation VisualizedAMG Publishers1971
Cumby, ConstanceThe Hidden Dangers of the RainbowHuntington House1983
Davis, Leonard J.Myths and Facts 1989, A Concise Record of the Arab-Israeli ConflictNear East Report1984
Dawson, James P.I AmOklahoma Foundation for Research & Develop. 
Deal, Colin HoyleChrist Returns by 1988, 101 Reasons WhyColin H. Deal1979
Decker, Ed & Dave HuntThe God MakersHarvest House Publishers1984
Dehaan, Dr. M.R.Coming Events in ProphecyLamplighter Books1962
DiGangi, MarianoTwelve Prophetic VoicesVictor Books, div. of SP Publications1985
Dorr, Roberta KellsDavid and BathshebaBantam Books1980
Drosnin, MichaelThe Bible CodeSimon & Schuster1997
Dyer, Charles H.The Rise of BabylonTyndale House Publishing1991
Durkin, Jim & Joseph Anfuso, David SczepanskiThe Coming World CrisisHaven Books1980
Evans, MikeIsrael, America’s Key to SurvivalBedford Books1983
Evans, MikeJerusalem, DCBedford Books1984
Evans, MikeThe ReturnThomas Nelson1986
Foxe, JohnFoxe’s Christian Martyrs of the WorldBarbour Publishing1985
Fraley, BobThe Last Days in AmericaChristian Life Sciences1984
Friedman, Thomas L.From Beirut to JerusalemDoubleday1989
Galli, VirginiaIs Jesus Really Coming Back in This Generation?Blessed Hope Ministries1987
Garlow, James L. & Peter JonesCracking DaVinci’s CodeVictor Books, div. of SP Publications2004
Gaverluk, EmilThe Rapture Before the Russian Invasion of IsraelWPT Publications1988
Gohl, Dr. Monty L.The False Christ – the 8th KingPrism House Media2005
Graham, BillyAngels, God’s Secret AgentsWord Publishing1975
Graham, BillyThe Heaven Answer BookThomas Nelson2012
Graham, BillyApproaching Hoofbeats, The Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseAvon Books1983
Guiladi, YaelOne Jerusalem 1967-1977Keter Publishing1977
Guyon, JeanneChrist Our RevelationChristian Books Publishing1985
Hagee, JohnThe Three HeavensWorthy Publishing2015
Hagee, JohnFour Blood MoonsWorthy Publishing2013
Hagee, JohnThe Power of the Prophetic BlessingWorthy Publishing2012
Hall, Henry R.AD 1991; The Genesis of HolocaustSpirit of Prophecy1985
Hargis, Billy James and Bill SampsonThe Federal Reserve ScandalNew Leaf Press1984
Hargrove, Dr. LubrettSatan’s Twelve ApostatesSouthwest Radio Church1987
Harsha, TrumanLandmarks and TimepostsLeRoi Publishers1974
Hendley, Jesse M.The Fifth Horseman of the ApocalypseKregel Publications1985
Hensely, Dr. Mary HelenPromised by HeavenSimon & Schuster2015
Hicks, Dr. RoyAnother Look at the RaptureHarrison House1982
Hinn, BennyWar in the HeavenliesHeritage Printers and Publishers1984
Hitchcock, MarkISIS, Iran, Israel and The End of DaysHarvest House Publishers2013
Hitchcock, Mark2012, The Bible and The End of the WorldHarvest House Publishers2009
Hitchcock, MarkWho is the Antichrist?Harvest House Publishers2011
Hitchcock, MarkBlood Moons RisingTyndale House Publishing2014
Hitchcock, MarkIran & Israel, Wars and Rumors of WarsHarvest House Publishers2013
Hitchcock, MarkIran, The Coming CrisisMultnomah Press2006
Hocking, DavidThe Coming World LeaderMultnomah Press1988
Hocking, DavidWhat the Bible Says About Israel and Its LandCalvary Communications1983
Hook & BorenLittle Ones Listen to GodZondervan Publishing House1971
Horn, Thomas and Chris PutnamThe Final Roman Emperor, the Islamic Antichrist and the Vatican’s Last CrusadeDefender2016
Hunt, DavePeace, Prosperity and the Coming HolocaustHarvest House Publishers1983
Hunt, DaveGlobal Peace and the Rise of the AntichristHarvest House Publishers1990
Hunt, DaveA Woman Rides the BeastHarvest House Publishers1994
Hunt, Dave & T.A. McMahonThe Seduction of ChristianityHarvest House Publishers1985
Hutchings, N.W.Exploring the Book of DanielHearthstone Publishing1990
Hutchings, N.W.Europe is Rising!Hearthstone Publishing1990
James, Edgar C.Arabs, Oil & EnergyMoody Press1977
Jeffress, RobertPerfect EndingWorthy Publishing2014
Jeffrey, Grant R.Armageddon, Appointment With DestinyFrontier Research Publications1988
Jeffrey, Grant R.Heaven, The Last FrontierFrontier Research Publications1990
Jeffrey, Grant R.The Next World WarWaterbrook Press2006
Jeremiah, Dr. DavidAgents of BabylonTyndale House Publishing2015
Jeremiah, Dr. DavidAgents of the ApocalypseTyndale House Publishing2014
Kimball, William R.The Rapture, A Question of TimingCollege Press Publishing Co.1985
Kinley, JeffAs It Was in the Days of NoahHarvest House Publishers2014
Kirban, Salem666 and 1000Salem Kirban, Inc.1970
Kirban, SalemThe Rise of Anti-ChristSalem Kirban, Inc.1978
Kirban, SalemQuestions Frequently Asked Me On ProphecySalem Kirban, Inc.1972
Kirban, SalemGuide to Survival, How The World Will EndSalem Kirban, Inc.1968
Knight, George W.The Holy LandBarbour Publishing2011
Koch Th.D., KurtWorld Without Chance?Kregel Publications1974
Ladd, George EldonThe Blessed HopeWm. B Eerdmans Publishing1956
LaHaye, TimThe Beginning of the EndTyndale House Publishing1972
LaHaye, TimThe Coming Peace in the Middle EastZondervan Publishing House1984
LaHaye, Tim & Craig ParshallEdge of ApocalypseZondervan Publishing House2010
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsLeft BehindTyndale House Publishing1995
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsTribulation ForceTyndale House Publishing1996
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsNicolaeTyndale House Publishing1997
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsSoul HarvestTyndale House Publishing1998
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsApollyonTyndale House Publishing1999
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsAssassinsTyndale House Publishing1999
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsThe IndwellingTyndale House Publishing2000
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsThe MarkTyndale House Publishing2000
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsDesecrationTyndale House Publishing2001
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsThe RemnantTyndale House Publishing2002
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsArmageddonTyndale House Publishing2003
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsGlorious AppearingTyndale House Publishing2004
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsThe RisingTyndale House Publishing2005
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsThe RegimeTyndale House Publishing2005
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsThe RaptureTyndale House Publishing2006
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsKingdom ComeTyndale House Publishing2007
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsThe Jesus Chronicles, Matthew’s StoryG.P. Putnam’s Sons2010
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsThe Jesus Chronicles, Mark’s StoryBerkley Publishing Co.2007
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsThe Jesus Chronicles, Luke’s StoryBerkley Publishing Co.2009
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. JenkinsThe Jesus ChroniclesBerkley Publishing Co.2006
Lalonde, PeterOne World Under Anti-ChristHarvest House Publishers1991
Landay, Jerry M.Dome of the RockNewsweek Book Division1972
Larkin, ClarenceThe Book of RevelationRev. Clarence Larkin Estate1919
LaSor, William SanfordThe Truth About ArmageddonHarper & Row Publishers1982
Lasseigne, JeffUnlocking the Last daysBaker Book House2011
Leavy, David M.When Prophets Speak of JudgementThe Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc.1998
Levitt, ZolaThe Cairo ConnectionHarvest House Publishers1978
Lewis, David AllenProphecy 2000New Leaf Press1990
Lightle, SteveExodus II, Let My People Go!Hunter Books1983
Limbaugh, DavidJesus on TrialRegnery Publishing2014
Lindsell, HaroldThe Armageddon SpectreCrossway Books, div. of Good News Publishers1984
Lindsey, HalThe Late Great Planet EarthZondervan Publishing House1970
Lindsey, HalSatan is Alive and Well on Planet EarthZondervan Publishing House1972
Lindsey, HalThere’s A New World ComingVision House Publishers1973
Lindsey, HalThe Liberation of Planet EarthZondervan Publishing House1974
Lindsey, HalThe Terminal GenerationBantam Books1976
Lindsey, HalThe 1980’s: Countdown to ArmageddonWestgate Press1980
Lindsey, HalThe PromiseBantam Books1982
Lindsey, HalThe RaptureBantam Books1983
Lindsey, HalA Prophetical Walk Through the Holy LandHarvest House Publishers1983
Lindsey, HalCombat FaithBantam Books1986
Lindsey, HalThe Road to HolocaustBantam Books1989
Lindsey, HalThe Final BattleWestern Front1995
Lindsey, HalApocalypse CodeWestern Front1997
Lindsey, HalPlanet Earth, The Final ChapterWestern Front1998
Linstead Ph.D., RobThe Next Move, Current Events in Bible ProphecyBible Truth1985
Linstead Ph.D., RobCan You Really Know Your Future?Southwest Radio Church 
Lovett, C.S.Latest Word on the Last DaysPersonal Christianity Chapel1980
Lucado, MaxWhen Christ ComesThomas Nelson1999
Lucado, MaxGod Came NearMultnomah Press1987
Lucado, Max & Randy FrazeeThe StoryZondervan Publishing House2005
MacArthur, John F. Jr.The Gospel According to JesusWord of Grace1988
Malgo, WimThe Rapture and Its MysteryMidnight Call Ministries1982
Malgo, WimBegin with SadatThe Midnight Call1978
Malgo, Wim50 Questions Most Frequently Asked About the Second ComingMidnight Call Ministries1980
Malgo, WimThe Wrath of Heaven on EarthMidnight Call Ministries1985
Malgo, WimThe Rulership of HeavenMidnight Call Ministries1984
Malgo, WimA New Heaven and a New EarthMidnight Call Ministries1985
Malgo, WimSeven Letters from HeavenMidnight Call Ministries1984
Malgo, WimIn the Beginning Was the EndMidnight Call Ministries1983
Malgo, WimDepression and the RemedyMidnight Call Ministries1980
Malgo, WimNuclear Catastrophe in the MideastMidnight Call Ministries1981
Malgo, Wim1000 Years of PeaceMidnight Call Ministries1984
Mann, RalphGlasnost, Gateway to World RevivalMission Possible Foundation1989
Marrs, TexeRush to ArmageddonTyndale House Publishing1987
Marrs, TexeMega Forces, Signs and Wonders of the Coming ChaosLiving Truth Publishers1988
McCall, Thomas S. & Zola LevittThe Coming Russian Invasion of IsraelMoody Press1974
McGuire, Paul & Troy AndersonThe Babylon CodeFaith Words2015
McLean, G.S. Dr., Roger Oakland and Larry McLeanThe Bible, Key to Understanding The Early EarthSouthwest Radio Church1987
McVea, CrystalWaking Up in HeavenHoward Books2013
Miller, Stephen M.The Complete Guide to Bible ProphecyBarbour Publishing2010
Montefiore, Simon SebagJerusalemVintage Books, a div. of Random House2011
Moody, Raymond A. Jr., M.D.L:ife After LifeBantam Books1975
Moore, EdApocalypse When?Christchurch Publications1990
Morey, Robert A.How to Answer a Jehovah’s WitnessBethany House Publishers1980
Neusner, JacobThe Way of Torah: An Introduction to JudaismDickenson Publishing Co.1970
Noorbergen, ReneNostradamus Predicts the End of the WorldPinnacle Books1981
Ortlund, Raymond C.Lord, Make My Life A Miracle!G/L Regal Books1974
Ostrovsky, Victor & Claire HoyBy Way of DeceptionSt. Martins Paperbacks1990
Otis, GeorgeMillennium ManBible Voice1974
Paulk, EarlUltimate KingdomK Dimension Publishers1986
Paulk, EarlHeld in the Heavens Until…K Dimension Publishers1985
Pentecost, J. DwightThings to Come  Dunham Publishing1958
Pentecost, J. DwightProphecy for TodayDiscovery House1961
Perlmutter, AmosIsrael: The Partioned StateCharles Scribner Sons1985
Phillips, PhilTurmoil in the ToyboxStarburst Publishers1986
Piper, Don90 Minutes in HeavenRevell2004
Plueger, Aaron LutherThings to Come for Planet EarthConcordia1977
Price, JohnThe End of AmericaChristian House Publishers2009
ProverbsGod’s Word to the NationsNET Publishing1991
Rhodes, RonThe End Times in Chronological OrderHarvest House Publishers2012
Rhodes, Ron40 Days Through RevelationHarvest House Publishers2013
Richards, LarryTomorrow TodayVictor Books, div. of SP Publications1986
Richardson, JoelMideast BeastWND Books2012
Richardson, JoelThe Islamic AntichristWND Books2009
Ridenour, FritzHow to Be A Christian Without Being ReligiousG/L Regal Books1967
Ritter, BruceSometimes God Has a Kid’s FaceCovenant House1988
Robinson, John A.T.Honest to GodWestminster Press1963
Rosen, MoisheOverture to ArmageddonHere’s Life Publishers1991
Rosenberg, JoelWithout WarningTyndale House Publishing2017
Rosenberg, JoelThe First HostageTyndale House Publishing2015
Rosenberg, JoelDamascus Count DownTyndale House Publishing2013
Rosenberg, JoelDead HeatTyndale House Publishing2008
Rosenberg, JoelThe Auschwitz EscapeTyndale House Publishing2014
Rosenberg, JoelImplosionTyndale House Publishing2012
Rosenberg, JoelEpicenterTyndale House Publishing2006
Rosenberg, JoelThe Twelfth ImamTyndale House Publishing2010
Rosenberg, JoelInside the RevolutionTyndale House Publishing2009
Rosenberg, JoelThe Tehran InitiativeTyndale House Publishing2011
Rosenberg, JoelThe Third targetTyndale House Publishing2015
Rosenberg, JoelThe Ezekiel OptionTyndale House Publishing2005
Rosenberg, JoelThe Last Days  Tyndale House Publishing2003
Rosenberg, JoelThe Last JihadTyndale House Publishing2002
Rosenberg, JoelThe Copper ScrollTyndale House Publishing2006
Schoeps, Hans-JoachimThe Religions of MankindDoubleday1966
Schroeder, Gerald L. Ph.D.Genesis and the Big BangBantam Books1990
Smith, ChuckWhat the World is Coming ToThe Word For Today1977
Smith, ChuckEnd TimesMaranatha House Publishers1978
Stearns, RichardThe Hole in our GospelThomas Nelson2009
Stone, PerryUnleashing the BeastFront Line2009
Strauss, LehmanGod’s Plan for the FutureZondervan Publishing House1965
Sutton, HiltonRevelation, God’s Grand FinaleHarrison House1962
Swindoll, Charles R.MosesW Publishing Group1999
Taylor,  Dr. Charles R.Those Who RemainToday in Bible Prophecy1976
Taylor, Charles R.World War III and the Destiny of AmericaSceptre Books1979
Tillich, PaulDynamics of FaithHarper Torchbooks1957
Tracy, EdwardThe United States in ProphecyConvale Publications1969
Vallee, JacquesMessengers of DeceptionAnd/Or Press1979
Vallowe, Ed. F.Biblical Mathematics, Keys to Scripture NumericsEd. F. Vallowe Evangelistic Association1991
Van Impe, Dr., JackRevelation RevealedJack Van Impe Ministries1982
Vander Lugt, HerbertThere’s A New Day Comin!Harvest House Publishers1978
variousWhy I believe These are the Last daysSouthwest Radio Church1989
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Varner, WilliamThe Chariot of IsraelThe Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc.1984
Walvoord, John F.The Nations, Israel and the Church in ProphecyAcademie Books, Zondervan Books1967
Walvoord, John F.The Rapture QuestionZondervan Publishing House1979
Webber, Dr. David & N.W. HutchingsCountdown for AntichristSouthwest Radio Church1976
Webber, Dr. David & N.W. HutchingsIs This the Last CenturyThomas Nelson1979
Webber, Dr. David & N.W. HutchingsComputers and the Beast of RevelationHuntington House1986
Webber, Dr. David & N.W. HutchingsBiblical Prophecy, Revelation of Jesus Christ, Vol. 4Southwest Radio Church1983
Webber, Dr. David & N.W. HutchingsBiblical Prophecy, Eschatology of Jesus and Paul, Vol. 3 Southwest Radio Church1983
Webber, Dr. David & N.W. HutchingsBiblical Prophecy, Major Prophets, Vol. 2 Southwest Radio Church1983
Webber, Dr. David & N.W. HutchingsBiblical Prophecy, Minor Prophets, Vol. 1 Southwest Radio Church1983
Whiston, WilliamThe Works of Flavius Josephus, Vol. IBaker Book House1974
Whiston, WilliamThe Works of Flavius Josephus, Vol. IIBaker Book House1974
Whiston, WilliamThe Works of Flavius Josephus, Vol. IIIBaker Book House1974
Whiston, WilliamThe Works of Flavius Josephus, Vol. IVBaker Book House1974
Wiese, Bill23 Minutes in HellCharisma House2006
Wilkerson, DavidSet the Trumpet to Thy MouthWorld Challenge1985
Williams, LindseyTo Seduce a NationWorth Publishing1984
Wilmington, Dr. H.L.The King is ComingTyndale House Publishing1986