The Mark of the Beast


“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six (666).”

Revelation 13:16-18

For quite some time I have pondered the idea of the Mark of the Beast. Near the middle of the Tribulation (the 7 year time frame between the signing of the “peace” covenant with Israel by the anti-Christ and the glorious return of Jesus Christ at Armageddon) in the Final Days the anti-Christ (now in a worldwide position of power) will force the people of the world, regardless of their economic standing or whether they are free or slaves to take a mark that only then would enable them to buy and sell. If they didn’t take the mark, they WOULD NOT be able to buy or sell. Of course this would cause them to starve and leave their homes; they would not be able to get warm clothing for cold weather; they would not be able to get health care for sickness. Nothing! Interestingly, in Revelation 13:5 we read “The beast was given a mouth to utter proud  words and blasphemies and to EXCERCISE HIS AUTHORITY (capitals mine) for 42 months.” This indicates the anti-Christ will force this on the world in the last half of the 7 year Tribulation time period.

This would also indicate a one-world government and a one world economy. In order to accomplish this globally we must assume that the anti-Christ then has control over the world. This has been the intention for decades of a secretive organization called Skull and Bones which some politicians in the US, both Republicans and Democrats, as well as very wealthy global elites have belonged to and supported. Their belief is that a one world economy and one world government would be good for all. Later, we will also discuss the one world religion ushered in by the anti-Christ’s right hand man, the False Prophet. But for now, imagine a world where there is no longer a physical dollar, euro, yen or peso. Through this mark ALL transactions are made. Beyond taking the mark which would then allow you to buy or sell, honestly it also signifies unbelief in God and Jesus and giving your support to the anti-Christ!

Think about this for a moment. When the Bible was written and for the last 2,000 years the idea that a mark could somehow be put on every man, woman and child in the world and only with that mark could they buy or sell was incomprehensible. Even when I started my Biblical prophesy study journey in 1976 this was impossible. But technology now has altered my acceptance dramatically. Today, a chip embedded under the skin (in the right hand or forehead) of every living person is technically feasible TODAY! There is nothing to stop a government from eliminating cash and keeping track of our finances electronically through the “Cloud”.

I doubt the anti-Christ will come on the scene and say, “I am indwelled by Satan and I am going to force you to take a number so you can buy and sell but if you do, you will be damned for eternity.” Rather, I see a situation possible through a potential global economic “crash” a worldwide solution would be provided by the anti-Christ and he would sell the benefits to you. Let me facetiously, if you will,  give you a preview of his forthcoming, best selling book called “15 Reasons Why You SHOULD Take the Mark of the Beast”. The elimination globally of cash and the electronic transfer of payments would solve the following problems:

  • Robbery – If you no longer are carrying cash, there is no reason to rob you. A chip embedded under your skin could be programmed to automatically go dormant if it’s surrounding temperature dropped below, say 97 degrees. That would keep a robber from chopping off your finger to use at a store.
  • Drugs – Since most drug transactions are done with cash, the elimination of cash would cause the cessation of the drug trade although bartering goods for drugs could still be possible. But what does a drug dealer do with 43 TV sets or a new Chevy if he can’t sell them?
  • Prostitution – Guess what? The world’s oldest profession disappears without a possible cash transfer after services are rendered.
  • Taxes – Since your work income would be deposited into your electronic account and you would then be able to buy and sell up to the amount in your account, the government would have full knowledge of those transactions and be able to tax accordingly. The underground economy where income is today not reported also goes away. Mow a lawn for $20 and it WILL be reported AND taxed.
  • •”Moralization” – There are a number of areas where this could be done. One would be the elimination of bribes to politicians, foreign governments (which disappear with the anti-Christ’s one world government). If every penny is tracked through your account and there is no longer any hard cash, the government would know specifically where the money came from and where it is going. A forced tithing to charity or the one-world church would be another.
  • Income – No matter what your occupation, since all activity will go through your account your income is there and your balance is known which could eliminate bad loans or failure to pay on your debt. If you owe $400 a month for a car payment, it WILL be paid or other discretionary payments for food and clothing will take second place to ensure payment of your committed bills.
  • Efficiency – This system by definition automatically makes everything more efficient. The other day I read an article that says it costs the U.S. government 1 1/2 cents to make a penny. By eliminating cash and doing everything electronically, the system is bound to be much more efficient.
  • Passwords – How many accounts (Credit cards, Facebook, Airline miles, etc.) do you have that you have to keep passwords for? How often do they change and you are forced to try to reset them? With the mark of the beast passwords go away. Swipe your right hand over a monitor and you are now logged in!
  • Money exchange rates – Since with this system their will be a global economy along with a global government, there is no longer a need to buy or sell currencies based upon the exchange rate. With my former employer I travelled around the world a few times a year. In the past 10 years the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the European euro went from $1.50 per euro to $1.07 per euro. A cup of coffee in France costs 1 euro (this is only for example sake). 10 years ago it cost me $1.50. Today it costs $1.07. With a global economy and a mark of the beast that cup of coffee will cost the same anywhere in the world. That is good for competition!
  • Elimination of international currencies – Since we are all on the same monetary system and part of a one-world government, there will no longer be need for a dollar, euro, yen, peso or any other currency. We will all use the new currency, the Mark. You will now be able to go anywhere in the world with your chip imbedded in your right hand or forehead and spend your money.
  • Voter registration – With the U.S. elections behind us, there has been a lot of recent discourse regarding invalid voter registration. Think about it. If everyone had a chip in their hand or forehead, it could be designed to allow you to vote (not sure what you would be voting for, but I am trying to “sell” you on the mark being a good thing). You could only vote once and only if you were alive!
  • Passport – Since we will all be members of a global community, passports disappear. But, your travel could and would be monitored wherever you go by Big Brother who will know EVERYTHING about you. In the same way you don’t need a passport to go between New York and New Jersey or France and Germany, at that time you will not need one to go anywhere in the world.
  • Centralization of economic authority:
    • Loans – Since all income and spending will go through this electronic chip, there will be no need for profit making companies to loan money. If you want to buy a car or a home, you submit a request to the government who reviews your income history and allows you to buy based on your ability to pay.
    • Elimination of banks – I believe this power by the world government and the elimination of cash basically destroys the banking system. It will be replaced by a government that will make all decisions, a government run by the anti-Christ.
    • Societal “equalization” – With the aforementioned power of the government I am sure they will attempt to sell the idea of getting a chip embedded under your skin as a way to equalize all people around the world. The selling part will be easy for the unbeliever because they are not aware of those things prophesied to come and for the reasons listed above.

I started this list and did say I was being facetious. We OBVIOUSLY should NOT take the mark of the beast, because in doing so we are acknowledging Satan as our leader. If we are still here (because we missed the Rapture) the Bible says “Here is wisdom”. In other words, be on the look out for a system that the world government wants to impose on all of us. Know that it will entail us taking a mark and that the mark is of man (not God). Years ago I read a book that talked about the coming technology that would make this possible. In that book they equated the mark to a tattoo that looked like a bar code (similar to the drawing at the beginning of this post above). After reading the book I checked out a couple of bar codes on different products and was stunned by what I saw!

A bar code was designed to be read by a scanner. It starts with 2 longer identically sized lines that separate a number of shorter, various width lines. In the middle are two more of the lines identical to the first two. Next come a number of shorter lines in various widths and then are finished with two more longer lines exactly the same as the two at the beginning and the two in the middle. What the scanner does is see the first two which starts the read, then sees the numbers in the first half that represent the manufacturer. The middle two lines separate the manufacturer code with the next group which is the product code. The last two lines end the scan. Below each two lines is the number associated with those various width lines. Guess what? The first two, the middle two and the last two, all equal in height and width DO NOT have numbers below them BUT those are equal to the other lines that show the number 6 below them. Coincidence? I doubt it!!!

I pray sincerely that none of us are here to observe the coming mark of the beast but if you are, please take note to observe what is said in Revelation 13. Be wise and understand this “solution” is NOT from God but rather from Satan aka the anti-Christ. And, as always, take solace with the fact that you know of this now BEFORE it occurs and will know to NOT take the mark, regardless of the terrible consequences coming to this earth.  Your reward awaits you in Heaven!  With that knowledge, tell others so that you will “therefore, comfort one another with these words.”

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