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With many conversations I have had concerning what the Bible tells us about prophecy and the End Times, I have often been asked where did I learn about all of this. I decided to list below the books that I have read over the past 40 years that have built and strengthened my belief that we are now in those days prophesied in the Bible for over 2,000 years.

First and foremost, I am not endorsing any single book, other than the Holy Bible, to be the source of irrefutable evidence of the accuracies of Jesus and the Prophets. With that said, there are many authors and books that do help illuminate what the Bible says will happen and brings it into a modern day, more easily understood context. Others I have read are not accurate and do not agree with what the Bible says. For example, the book I cite in this blog’s Introduction written in 1866 has proven to be totally false. But, it has been proven to be false solely based on the Biblical prophecy that the Jews WOULD return to Israel in the last days, a belief that was viewed as absurd and impossible back in 1866 when that book was written. But obviously it is no longer a valid argument after 1948 when the new formed state of Israel declared their independence! Some books by Joel Rosenberg and Tim LaHaye are fictional but based on Biblical prophecies and make for an amazing and exciting read!

Most interesting to me is that many of these books proclaim things to come like the rise of Russia and Iran and their invasion of Israel in the last days (Ezekiel 38 & 39, which IS NOT Armageddon) at a time when the two countries were enemies of each other, and in fact Iran under the Shah up until 1979 actually had good relationships with Israel. Current news headlines lead us to believe THAT time is not far away! More on that in a future blog. I will continue to update this list as my studies continue.

The Holy Bibles I study, will be quoting and their related reference guides are::

  • NIV Study Bible
  • NASB Study Bible
  • Holy Bible, KJV
  • Holy Bible, RSV
  • Prophecy Study Bible, KJV:
  • Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
  • The New Unger’s Bible Handbook

The books read that have helped to enlighten me in what is yet to come are as follows:


Author Title Publisher Copyright
Abraham, Abram Kenneth Promises of the Messiah Barbour Publishing 1987
Adams, Moody The Phantom’s Dark Force The Olive Press 1999
Alcorn, Randy Heaven  Tyndale House Publishing 2004
Alexander, Dr. Eben Proof of Heaven Simon & Schuster 2012
Angley, Ernest W. Raptured, A Novel Winston Press 1950
Aslan, Reza Zealot, the Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth Random House 2013
Baigent, Michael Racing Towards Armageddon Harper One, div. of HarperCollins Publishers 2009
Ballen, Ken Terrorists in Love Free Press 2011
Barbet, Dr. Pierre A Doctor at Calvary Image Books, Div. of Doubleday 1963
Batra, Dr. Ravi The Great Depression of 1990 Simon & Schuster 1987
Baxter, Rev. M. 40 Wonders of Scripture Prophecy The Prophetic News 1866
Becker, Judy The Missing Message of Revelation The Landmark Church 1974
Beechick, Allen The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Accent Books 1980
Bell, James Stuart Angles, Miracles and Heavenly Encounters Bethany House Publishers 2012
Bernis, Jonathon A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days Chosen Books 2013
Black, Captain Dale Flight to Heaven Bethany House Publishers 2010
Bloomfield, Arthur E. Before the Last Battle – Armageddon Dimension Books 1971
Boyd, Malcolm Human Like Me, Jesus Simon & Schuster 1971
Breedlove, Ally When Will the Heaven Begin? New American Library 2013
Briner, Bob The Management Methods of Jesus Thomas Nelson 1996
Buksbazen, Victor The Prophet Isiah The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc. 2008
Burpo, Todd Heaven is For Real Thomas Nelson 2010
Cahn, Jonathon The Book of Mysteries Front Line 2016
Cahn, Jonathon The Harbinger Front Line 2011
Cahn, Jonathon The Harbinger Companion with Study Guide Front Line 2013
Cahn, Jonathon The Mystery of the Shemitah Front Line 2014
Cheetham, Erika The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus A Perigee Book 1989
Church, J.R. The Armageddon Syndrome Prophecy in the News 1985
Church, J.R. Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms Prophecy Publications 1986
Church, J.R. Hidden Prophecies in the Song of Moses Prophecy Publications 1991
Church, J.R. Guardians of the Grail Prophecy Publications 1989
Cohen, Dr. Gary G. Revelation Visualized AMG Publishers 1971
Cumby, Constance The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow Huntington House 1983
Davis, Leonard J. Myths and Facts 1989, A Concise Record of the Arab-Israeli Conflict Near East Report 1984
Dawson, James P. I Am Oklahoma Foundation for Research & Develop.
Deal, Colin Hoyle Christ Returns by 1988, 101 Reasons Why Colin H. Deal 1979
Decker, Ed & Dave Hunt The God Makers Harvest House Publishers 1984
Dehaan, Dr. M.R. Coming Events in Prophecy Lamplighter Books 1962
DiGangi, Mariano Twelve Prophetic Voices Victor Books, div. of SP Publications 1985
Dorr, Roberta Kells David and Bathsheba Bantam Books 1980
Drosnin, Michael The Bible Code Simon & Schuster 1997
Dyer, Charles H. The Rise of Babylon Tyndale House Publishing 1991
Evans, Mike Israel, America’s Key to Survival Bedford Books 1983
Evans, Mike Jerusalem, DC Bedford Books 1984
Evans, Mike The Return Thomas Nelson 1986
Fraley, Bob The Last Days in America Christian Life Sciences 1984
Friedman, Thomas L. From Beirut to Jerusalem Doubleday 1989
Galli, Virginia Is Jesus Really Coming Back in This Generation? Blessed Hope Ministries 1987
Garlow, James L. & Peter Jones Cracking DaVinci’s Code Victor Books, div. of SP Publications 2004
Gaverluk, Emil The Rapture Before the Russian Invasion of Israel WPT Publications 1988
Gohl, Dr. Monty L. The False Christ – the 8th King Prism House Media 2005
Graham, Billy Angels, God’s Secret Agents Word Publishing 1975
Graham, Billy The Heaven Answer Book Thomas Nelson 2012
Graham, Billy Approaching Hoofbeats, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Avon Books 1983
Guyon, Jeanne Christ Our Revelation Christian Books Publishing 1985
Hagee, John The Three Heavens Worthy Publishing 2015
Hagee, John Four Blood Moons Worthy Publishing 2013
Hagee, John The Power of the Prophetic Blessing Worthy Publishing 2012
Hall, Henry R. AD 1991; The Genesis of Holocaust Spirit of Prophecy 1985
Hargis, Billy James and Bill Sampson The Federal Reserve Scandal New Leaf Press 1984
Hargrove, Dr. Lubrett Satan’s Twelve Apostates Southwest Radio Church 1987
Harsha, Truman Landmarks and Timeposts LeRoi Publishers 1974
Hendley, Jesse M. The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse Kregel Publications 1985
Hensely, Dr. Mary Helen Promised by Heaven Simon & Schuster 2015
Hicks, Dr. Roy Another Look at the Rapture Harrison House 1982
Hinn, Benny War in the Heavenlies Heritage Printers and Publishers 1984
Hitchcock, Mark ISIS, Iran, Israel and The End of Days Harvest House Publishers 2013
Hitchcock, Mark 2012, The Bible and The End of the World Harvest House Publishers 2009
Hitchcock, Mark Who is the Antichrist? Harvest House Publishers 2011
Hitchcock, Mark Blood Moons Rising Tyndale House Publishing 2014
Hitchcock, Mark Iran & Israel, Wars and Rumors of Wars Harvest House Publishers 2013
Hitchcock, Mark Iran, The Coming Crisis Multnomah Press 2006
Hocking, David The Coming World Leader Multnomah Press 1988
Hocking, David What the Bible Says About Israel and Its Land Calvary Communications 1983
Hook & Boren Little Ones Listen to God Zondervan Publishing House 1971
Horn, Thomas and Chris Putnam The Final Roman Emperor, the Islamic Antichrist and the Vatican’s Last Crusade Defender 2016
Hunt, Dave Peace, Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust Harvest House Publishers 1983
Hunt, Dave Global Peace and the Rise of the Antichrist Harvest House Publishers 1990
Hunt, Dave A Woman Rides the Beast Harvest House Publishers 1994
Hunt, Dave & T.A. McMahon The Seduction of Christianity Harvest House Publishers 1985
Hutchings, N.W. Exploring the Book of Daniel Hearthstone Publishing 1990
Hutchings, N.W. Europe is Rising! Hearthstone Publishing 1990
Jeffress, Robert Perfect Ending Worthy Publishing 2014
Jeffrey, Grant R. Armageddon, Appointment With Destiny Frontier Research Publications 1988
Jeffrey, Grant R. The Next World War Waterbrook Press 2006
Jeremiah, Dr. David Agents of Babylon Tyndale House Publishing 2015
Jeremiah, Dr. David Agents of the Apocalypse Tyndale House Publishing 2014
Kimball, William R. The Rapture, A Question of Timing College Press Publishing Co. 1985
Kinley, Jeff As It Was in the Days of Noah Harvest House Publishers 2014
Kirban, Salem 666 and 1000 Salem Kirban, Inc. 1970
Kirban, Salem The Rise of Anti-Christ Salem Kirban, Inc. 1978
Kirban, Salem Questions Frequently Asked Me On Prophecy Salem Kirban, Inc. 1972
Kirban, Salem Guide to Survival, How The World Will End Salem Kirban, Inc. 1968
Knight, George W. The Holy Land Barbour Publishing 2011
Koch Th.D., Kurt World Without Chance? Kregel Publications 1974
Ladd, George Eldon The Blessed Hope Wm. B Eerdmans Publishing 1956
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins Left Behind Tyndale House Publishing 1995
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins Tribulation Force Tyndale House Publishing 1996
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins Nicolae Tyndale House Publishing 1997
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins Soul Harvest Tyndale House Publishing 1998
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins Apollyon Tyndale House Publishing 1999
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins Assassins Tyndale House Publishing 1999
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins The Indwelling Tyndale House Publishing 2000
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins The Mark Tyndale House Publishing 2000
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins Desecration Tyndale House Publishing 2001
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins The Remnant Tyndale House Publishing 2002
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins Armageddon Tyndale House Publishing 2003
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins Glorious Appearing Tyndale House Publishing 2004
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins The Rising Tyndale House Publishing 2005
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins The Regime Tyndale House Publishing 2005
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins The Rapture Tyndale House Publishing 2006
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B. Jenkins Kingdom Come Tyndale House Publishing 2007
Lalonde, Peter One World Under Anti-Christ Harvest House Publishers 1991
Landay, Jerry M. Dome of the Rock Newsweek Book Division 1972
Larkin, Clarence The Book of Revelation Rev. Clarence Larkin Estate 1919
LaSor, William Sanford The Truth About Armageddon Harper & Row Publishers 1982
Lasseigne, Jeff Unlocking the Last Days Baker Book House 2011
Leavy, David M. When Prophets Speak of Judgement The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc. 1998
Levitt, Zola The Cairo Connection Harvest House Publishers 1978
Lewis, David Allen Prophecy 2000 New Leaf Press 1990
Lightle, Steve Exodus II, Let My People Go! Hunter Books 1983
Limbaugh, David Jesus on Trial Regnery Publishing 2014
Lindsell, Harold The Armageddon Spectre Crossway Books, div. of Good News Publishers 1984
Lindsey, Hal The Liberation of Planet Earth Zondervan Publishing House 1974
Lindsey, Hal The Final Battle Western Front 1995
Lindsey, Hal The Terminal Generation Bantam Books 1976
Lindsey, Hal There’s A New World Coming Vision House Publishers 1973
Lindsey, Hal Apocalypse Code Western Front 1997
Lindsey, Hal Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth Zondervan Publishing House 1972
Lindsey, Hal The 1980’s: Countdown to Armageddon Westgate Press 1980
Lindsey, Hal The Road to Holocaust Bantam Books 1989
Lindsey, Hal The Promise Bantam Books 1982
Lindsey, Hal Planet Earth, The Final Chapter Western Front 1998
Lindsey, Hal The Late Great Planet Earth Zondervan Publishing House 1970
Lindsey, Hal A Prophetical Walk Through the Holy Land Harvest House Publishers 1983
Linstead Ph.D., Rob The Next Move, Current Events in Bible Prophecy Bible Truth 1985
Linstead Ph.D., Rob Can You Really Know Your Future? Southwest Radio Church
Lovett, C.S. Latest Word on the Last Days Personal Christianity Chapel 1980
Lucado, Max When Christ Comes Thomas Nelson 1999
Lucado, Max God Came Near Multnomah Press 1987
Lucado, Max & Randy Frazee The Story Zondervan Publishing House 2005
MacArthur, John F. Jr. The Gospel According to Jesus Word of Grace 1988
Malgo, Wim The Rapture and Its Mystery Midnight Call Ministries 1982
Malgo, Wim Begin with Sadat The Midnight Call 1978
Malgo, Wim 50 Questions Most Frequently Asked About the Second Coming Midnight Call Ministries 1980
Malgo, Wim The Wrath of Heaven on Earth Midnight Call Ministries 1985
Malgo, Wim The Rulership of Heaven Midnight Call Ministries 1984
Malgo, Wim A New Heaven and a New Earth Midnight Call Ministries 1985
Malgo, Wim Seven Letters from Heaven Midnight Call Ministries 1984
Malgo, Wim In the Beginning Was the End Midnight Call Ministries 1983
Malgo, Wim Depression and the Remedy Midnight Call Ministries 1980
Malgo, Wim Nuclear Catastrophe in the Mideast Midnight Call Ministries 1981
Malgo, Wim 1000 Years of Peace Midnight Call Ministries 1984
Marrs, Texe Rush to Armageddon Tyndale House Publishing 1987
Marrs, Texe Mega Forces, Signs and Wonders of the Coming Chaos Living Truth Publishers 1988
McCall, Thomas S. & Zola Levitt The Coming Russian Invasion of Israel Moody Press 1974
McGuire, Paul & Troy Anderson The Babylon Code Faith Words 2015
McLean, G.S. Dr., Roger Oakland and Larry McLean The Bible, Key to Understanding The Early Earth Southwest Radio Church 1987
McVea, Crystal Waking Up in Heaven Howard Books 2013
Miller, Stephen M. The Complete Guide to Bible Prophecy Barbour Publishing 2010
Montefiore, Simon Sebag Jerusalem Vintage Books, a div. of Random House 2011
Moody, Raymond A. Jr., M.D. Life After Life Bantam Books 1975
Morey, Robert A. How to Answer a Jehovah’s Witness Bethany House Publishers 1980
Neusner, Jacob The Way of Torah: An Introduction to Judaism Dickenson Publishing Co. 1970
Noorbergen, Rene Nostradamus Predicts the End of the World Pinnacle Books 1981
Ortlund, Raymond C. Lord, Make My Life A Miracle! G/L Regal Books 1974
Ostrovsky, Victor & Claire Hoy By Way of Deception St. Martins Paperbacks 1990
Otis, George Millennium Man Bible Voice 1974
Paulk, Earl Ultimate Kingdom K Dimension Publishers 1986
Paulk, Earl Held in the Heavens Until… K Dimension Publishers 1985
Pentecost, J. Dwight Things to Come   Dunham Publishing 1958
Pentecost, J. Dwight Prophecy for Today Discovery House 1961
Phillips, Phil Turmoil in the Toybox Starburst Publishers 1986
Piper, Don 90 Minutes in Heaven Revell 2004
Plueger, Aaron Luther Things to Come for Planet Earth Concordia 1977
Price, John The End of America Christian House Publishers 2009
Proverbs God’s Word to the Nations NET Publishing 1991
Rhodes, Ron The End Times in Chronological Order Harvest House Publishers 2012
Rhodes, Ron 40 Days Through Revelation Harvest House Publishers 2013
Richards, Larry Tomorrow Today Victor Books, div. of SP Publications 1986
Richardson, Joel Mideast Beast WND Books 2012
Richardson, Joel The Islamic Antichrist WND Books 2009
Ridenour, Fritz How to Be A Christian Without Being Religious G/L Regal Books 1967
Ritter, Bruce Sometimes God Has a Kid’s Face Covenant House 1988
Robinson, John A.T. Honest to God Westminster Press 1963
Rosen, Moishe Overture to Armageddon Here’s Life Publishers 1991
Rosenberg, Joel The First Hostage Tyndale House Publishing 2015
Rosenberg, Joel Damascus Count Down Tyndale House Publishing 2013
Rosenberg, Joel Dead Heat Tyndale House Publishing 2008
Rosenberg, Joel The Auschwitz Escape Tyndale House Publishing 2014
Rosenberg, Joel Implosion Tyndale House Publishing 2012
Rosenberg, Joel Epicenter Tyndale House Publishing 2006
Rosenberg, Joel The Twelfth Imam Tyndale House Publishing 2010
Rosenberg, Joel Inside the Revolution Tyndale House Publishing 2009
Rosenberg, Joel The Tehran Initiative Tyndale House Publishing 2011
Rosenberg, Joel The Third Target Tyndale House Publishing 2015
Rosenberg, Joel The Ezekiel Option Tyndale House Publishing 2005
Rosenberg, Joel The Last Days   Tyndale House Publishing 2003
Rosenberg, Joel The Last Jihad Tyndale House Publishing 2002
Rosenberg, Joel The Copper Scroll Tyndale House Publishing 2006
Schoeps, Hans-Joachim The Religions of Mankind Doubleday 1966
Schroeder, Gerald L. Ph.D. Genesis and the Big Bang Bantam Books 1990
Smith, Chuck What the World is Coming To The Word For Today 1977
Smith, Chuck End Times Maranatha House Publishers 1978
Stearns, Richard The Hole in our Gospel Thomas Nelson 2009
Stone, Perry Unleashing the Beast Front Line 2009
Strauss, Lehman God’s Plan for the Future Zondervan Publishing House 1965
Sutton, Hilton Revelation, God’s Grand Finale Harrison House 1962
Swindoll, Charles R. Moses W Publishing Group 1999
Taylor,  Dr. Charles R. Those Who Remain Today in Bible Prophecy 1976
Taylor, Charles R. World War III and the Destiny of America Sceptre Books 1979
Tillich, Paul Dynamics of Faith Harper Torchbooks 1957
Tracy, Edward The United States in Prophecy Convale Publications 1969
Vallee, Jacques Messengers of Deception And/Or Press 1979
Vallowe, Ed. F. Biblical Mathematics, Keys to Scripture Numerics Ed. F. Vallowe Evangelistic Association 1991
Van Impe, Dr., Jack Revelation Revealed Jack Van Impe Ministries 1982
Vander Lugt, Herbert There’s A New Day Coming! Harvest House Publishers 1978
various Why I Believe These are the Last Days Southwest Radio Church 1989
Varner, William Jacob’s Dozen The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc. 1987
Varner, William The Chariot of Israel The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc. 1984
Walvoord, John F. The Nations, Israel and the Church in Prophecy Academie Books, Zondervan Books 1967
Webber, Dr. David & N.W. Hutchings Countdown for Antichrist Southwest Radio Church 1976
Webber, Dr. David & N.W. Hutchings Computers and the Beast of Revelation Huntington House 1986
Webber, Dr. David & N.W. Hutchings Biblical Prophecy, Revelation of Jesus Christ, Vol. 4 Southwest Radio Church 1983
Webber, Dr. David & N.W. Hutchings Biblical Prophecy, Eschatology of Jesus and Paul, Vol. 3  Southwest Radio Church 1983
Webber, Dr. David & N.W. Hutchings Biblical Prophecy, Major Prophets, Vol. 2  Southwest Radio Church 1983
Webber, Dr. David & N.W. Hutchings Biblical Prophecy, Minor Prophets, Vol. 1  Southwest Radio Church 1983
Whiston, William The Works of Flavius Josephus, Vol. I Baker Book House 1974
Whiston, William The Works of Flavius Josephus, Vol. II Baker Book House 1974
Whiston, William The Works of Flavius Josephus, Vol. III Baker Book House 1974
Whiston, William The Works of Flavius Josephus, Vol. IV Baker Book House 1974
Wiese, Bill 23 Minutes in Hell Charisma House 2006
Wilkerson, David Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth World Challenge 1985
Williams, Lindsey To Seduce a Nation Worth Publishing 1984
Wilmington, Dr. H.L. The King is Coming Tyndale House Publishing 1986
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