Comfort One Another’s 1st 6 Month’s Posts

Six months ago I posted the first article on my website to help others hopefully better understand those things the Bible tells us about the Last Days. Since that time I have been truly humbled by the many thoughts and comments so many of you have made regarding what this blog has brought to them. I have to tell you I am sending the links out to the messages below (in the order they were published) because 1.) there are many more reading these today than back in early January; 2.) the software I use is not as easy as I would wish to find earlier posts without knowing what to look for; and, 3.) the algorithms used by Facebook and LinkedIn do not necessarily mean all my friends and contacts see every post.

  1. The Rapture – God’s Promise
  2. Christian Persecution
  3. Time Line for the Final Days
  4. The War of Gog and Magog
  5. The 9th of Av – History or Prophecy?
  6. The Mark of the Beast
  7. Divide Israel for Peace? – Won’t Happen!
  8. The War of Psalm 83
  9. Numbers & Prophecy – God’s Perfect System
  10. Whose Messiah will save the world?
  11. Fake News Started in the Garden of Eden
  12. 3rd Time’s the Charm! – Rebuilding the Jewish Temple
  13. The Fools Among Us!
  14. $1 Bill and Biblical Prophecy
  15. BREAKING NEWS – the Anti-Christ is ID’d!!
  16. And you thought Satan and the anti-christ were bad…
  17. Which generation will witness the Last Days? Millennials, Gen X’ers, Baby Boomers, etc.?
  18. Current Events Leading to the Israeli Peace Agreement and End Time Horrors
  19. The GREATEST Day in Human History!
  20. Satan ain’t all that smart!
  21. Political Correctness and Bible Prophecy
  22. God’s “Red Line” in Syria
  23. Wanna bet on the accuracy of Bible Prophecy??
  24. Happy Birthday Israel!!
  25. DON’T set times or dates, but watch the Heavens!
  26. Where the hell is America in Biblical Prophecy?
  27. “Climate change” – Man-made or punishment from God?
  28. The ONE Prophecy that HAD to happen (and now HAS!) before the Last Days arrive!!!
  29. Seven is the Number of God’s Perfectness does not mean it’s always GOOD!
  30. What in the world are we waiting for???

My main purpose in this blog is not to frighten anyone but rather to comfort you with the knowledge and understanding that God has given to US! If we know what is happening and what is coming, we have to take comfort in the fact that an all powerful God IS in control! In order to enlarge the recipients of this blog I ask humbly, whether reading this via Subscription received email, Facebook or LinkedIn to Share/Like it with your friends, family and contacts so that WE can all “…therefore comfort one another with these words.”

More to come, both in posts and God’s fulfillment of His Plan for us!



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  1. Dick Essig

    Thanks MIKE, for your great postings….always interesting. Regards, Dick Essig….7-15-2017

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