“Where’s the Line to See Jesus?” VIDEO

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days now behind us; with most, if not all the Thanksgiving turkey consumed by our wonderful family; and, with our sights now set on celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in a few weeks, I wanted to repost this video of Becky Kelley singing “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?” It has now gone viral with over 5 million views on YouTube. If you saw my post from last year, Becky is the daughter-in-law of one of my neighbors. Her father wrote this song while shopping at the mall and hearing a little boy ask upon seeing the line to see Santa, “Where’s the line to see Jesus?” Besides being a heart wrenching video with incredible singing and music, it should remind each of us the REAL reason for Christmas, i.e., the final fulfillment of Bible prophecy promising us the birth of the Messiah who will take away the sins of the world.

The song is beautiful but even more so, the message of Jesus’s birth should be comforting to all of us. We now have a path to eternity with Jesus in Heaven! If you are as comforted as I am, please help me to do as we are all asked to do and that is to “…therefore comfort one another with these words.” You can do that by forwarding this to your friends and family; liking/sharing it on Facebook and/or LinkedIn; OR, by signing up on my website (below) to receive all future posts immediately via email.

With that, I wish you and your families the most joyous of Christmas Holidays! May God Bless you!

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